Live Chat 5 Myths On My Website

Adding live chat service on website is a way of engaging visitors to your website directly while they are on it and using a Live Professional Operator to try and get them to buy or make an appointment for your salespeople to call them.

Everyone has a view about it. ”It’s brilliant and I couldn’t do without it anymore”. “It uses far too much time and costs too much”. Some will even tell you they have never heard of it (where have they been hiding recently?).

Like all new technologies early on it creates a variety of opinions as early adopters say “I want live chat on my website”. They grab it and live with its deficiencies, but get first mover advantage.
Suppliers learn from early adopters, so it gets better and more people say “I want live chat on my website too”. Over time, whole industries can adopt a new technology and it becomes a must-have.
But in these early days myths grow up around the new technology. Some are put about by believers and vendors, saying it’s the best thing ever. Others are from those opposed to the new technology.

Here are some of them:

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