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Website Optimiser

“Can you make my website work harder?”

Sometimes you just need more Visitors to your Business website first of all.

Live Chat Solution service, but for it to work you need Website Visitors! Sounds obvious doesn’t it, but often it’s just not that easy.

As a busy business owner, when do you find the time to “sort out the website”? It’s often complex and technical to do yourself or it’s expensive to get Someone else to do it if you don’t know what you are doing.

Rapid Business Solutions is the parent of Rapid Live Chat and We are a full service IT solutions and website development company in UK.

We can upgrade your website and make it “Search Engine Friendly”. That’s Technic speak for making sure that if someone types a search into Google that is relevant for your business, we make sure that within 6 months at least one of your website pages is on the first page of the search results and probably near the top.

We do this for many Clients already and guarantee  to get you at least one page of your website onto the first page of Google for the defined search terms we agree with you.

Once you are generating sufficient Visitors to your Website, then we can put Live Chat to work, converting them to leads and sales.

And if you don’t have a Website, don’t worry. We can build you as simple or as complex a website as you want.

And We use state of the art tools such as WordPress (that‘s what this site is built in), to make sure that Google sees you and includes you in its searches.