Service Category: Order Taking

Deal Maker

“Can I give you a hand with that?”

People search the web for deals all the time. Match your deal to their needs.

Everyone Loves a deal.

The Web has become the way people Compare Prices for everything. In a retail store today you can find a product, scan the barcode with your phone and get price Comparisons immediately.

And there are lots of coupons and deal sites out there, all directing website visitors to products and services with special deals and taking a cut of the price.

With Rapid Live Chat, you just tell us what deals you want to make available and what type of Customer or need you want each deal to apply to and we do the rest

Once Rapid Live Chat agent has engaged the visitor in a chat and identified what it is they want, they can then offer them a deal there and then, with a code defined by you.

Then when they buy Online or call you to place an offer, they can quote the code and get a deal.

So they feel they got a good deal and were treated like a special Customer, but without all the hassle of going to a coupon site and getting codes.

As long as they got a deal they stayed and bought from you, they didn’t go off to find coupons and end up on someone else’s site, who just happened to have a deal on that coupon site that day.

Our Live Chat agents UK can also make sure that if the Customer already has a price in mind, that they either guide them to the right product or service in your range, or perhaps upsell them to a more profitable option in your products.