Personal Shopper

Personal Shopper

“Have you got everything?”, “Do you need some help?”

Maximising what people buy and helping them through the checkout process can secure sales that might have been lost.

Research from a leading Online Chat Service has shown that:

  • Buyers of more complex products are 53% more likely to purchase after a chat
  • Buyers of simple products are 38% more likely to buy after a chat

And one of the Commonest issues Online sellers have to deal with is abandoned shopping carts part way through the Checkout process.

Often simple things like suddenly wondering if delivery is included, or what the delivery options are can make them leave the Cart for a while and go back to the site to see if they can find it. And if they don’t find the information, then they can be easily distracted and go elsewhere, never coming back to that cart.

Our Live Chat operators can detect when a cart process has paused for longer than normal and immediately offer help or additional information, reassuring the visitor and ensuring that they complete the shopping cart and payment processes and turn into a customer.

Not only that, but if the experience has been good, it will encourage them to return to your site in the future, as their good experience will mean that they will tend to trust the site more Because of Live Chat Support Software .