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Helping Hands Through Live Chat

“Can I give you a hand with that?”

Ensuring that your Website Visitors get exactly what they want quickly and easily is key.

The main reasons why Customers leave a Website is that they are unable to find the information they are looking for or they are having difficulty navigating their way around the website.  We ensure that does not happen.

We know that when Customers are unable to find the answers they want they will leave your website within 3 min. This is why rapid live chat operators will engage with your Customers within 1 min of them coming Online.

Research has shown that 82% of Internet users feel that they have had a great Online experience if they can have their issue resolved or find what they are looking for quickly. Rapid live chat ensures that.

Many People prefer to have someone help them find what they want rather than search a Website for it.

Not only that, but people often browse the web in the evening When they are also doing something else, like Watching television. So their attention can often wander from your site to the Programme and back again.

In Fact, Research has shown that 43% of People who used live chat solutions prefer it because they can Multitask while chatting.

So if they haven’t landed exactly where they need to be, then a helping hand quickly extended, can ensure they are quickly engaged and finding the information they wanted, just as if they’d rung you and asked the question.

It can also be especially useful on e-commerce sites, when customers can often get as far as the shopping cart and then for some reason do not go any further. Our Personal Shopper service through Live Chat Operators UK can help ensure those sales complete.


“Can I show you something”,
“Can I help you find something?”

If someone can’t find their way around your website they’ll leave.

One of the main reasons customers leave a website is that they are having difficulty navigating their way around the website. We ensures that does not happen.

In fact 77% of people who prefer live chat prefer it because they get their questions answered immediately.

Our Live Chat Operators will have been thoroughly briefed on your site’s contents and where to find things that people Commonly ask for and are always there to help your visitors.

So if a visitor to your site Cannot find Something, they’ll be there to show them the way and guide them to the information they need. Whether it’s finding the FAQ’s page, finding a white paper to download, looking for a color range, wanting to know what warranty you give or just finding out about your opening hours, the quicker they get the right information, the better the chance you have of making that sale.

In doing this, it also gives you the chance to find out what they are looking for and match that to your service, or if it’s not something you provide, perhaps to switch them to an alternative you can provide, maybe even with a deal to sweeten the sale.

This isn’t something a website can do on its own, it needs a Trained Live Chat Operators or agents to find out what the visitor wants and then work out the best option or deal for them.

Rapid Live Chat’s Professional Operators will do that for you every day, acting as an online lead generator through live chat agents 24 hours a day, leaving you free to focus on closing sales from all those leads, leads you might not otherwise have had.

Personal Shopper

“Have you got everything?”, “Do you need some help?”

Maximising what people buy and helping them through the checkout process can secure sales that might have been lost.

Research from a leading Online Chat Service has shown that:

  • Buyers of more complex products are 53% more likely to purchase after a chat
  • Buyers of simple products are 38% more likely to buy after a chat

And one of the Commonest issues Online sellers have to deal with is abandoned shopping carts part way through the Checkout process.

Often simple things like suddenly wondering if delivery is included, or what the delivery options are can make them leave the Cart for a while and go back to the site to see if they can find it. And if they don’t find the information, then they can be easily distracted and go elsewhere, never coming back to that cart.

Our Live Chat operators can detect when a cart process has paused for longer than normal and immediately offer help or additional information, reassuring the visitor and ensuring that they complete the shopping cart and payment processes and turn into a customer.

Not only that, but if the experience has been good, it will encourage them to return to your site in the future, as their good experience will mean that they will tend to trust the site more Because of Live Chat Support Software .

Deal Maker

“Can I give you a hand with that?”

People search the web for deals all the time. Match your deal to their needs.

Everyone Loves a deal.

The Web has become the way people Compare Prices for everything. In a retail store today you can find a product, scan the barcode with your phone and get price Comparisons immediately.

And there are lots of coupons and deal sites out there, all directing website visitors to products and services with special deals and taking a cut of the price.

With Rapid Live Chat, you just tell us what deals you want to make available and what type of Customer or need you want each deal to apply to and we do the rest

Once Rapid Live Chat agent has engaged the visitor in a chat and identified what it is they want, they can then offer them a deal there and then, with a code defined by you.

Then when they buy Online or call you to place an offer, they can quote the code and get a deal.

So they feel they got a good deal and were treated like a special Customer, but without all the hassle of going to a coupon site and getting codes.

As long as they got a deal they stayed and bought from you, they didn’t go off to find coupons and end up on someone else’s site, who just happened to have a deal on that coupon site that day.

Our Live Chat agents UK can also make sure that if the Customer already has a price in mind, that they either guide them to the right product or service in your range, or perhaps upsell them to a more profitable option in your products.

Appointment scheduling software for small business UK

“When are you free?”, “When is best for you?”

Making appointments is not producing business. Sitting them does that.

When you have a busy business, Sitting down with clients or calling them when you know they will be there and ready to talk, makes you more effective at generating sales.

But making those appointments and then changing them as people’s lives change can be a time consuming but not very productive work.

When you’re not there, you need someone to make an appointment for you.

So whether you are a builder or decorator needing to visit a potential client to offer a quote or a financial advisor making an appointment to visit a potential client and discuss life insurance or a pension, having someone make and manage all those appointments for you can be a godsend

Rapid Live Chat’s 24/7 live appointment booking service and Outsourced customer support service will professionally manage all your appointments and keep you informed at all times. So if an appointment needs to be moved or canceled, we do it for you in the Online diary or through email, you can instantly see what has changed. We offer 24/7 Appointment scheduling software for small business.

Alternatively, you can give us access to your online appointment system and we can do it for you there as well.

So if a Customer wants to book an appointment at 11pm at night, when you are already in bed and asleep, they can because Rapid Live Chat Service do it for you.

Lead Generator

“Can I get someone to call you?”

Every business needs to generate leads online if it is to grow and be competitive in the digital world We live in nowadays.

You’ve already paid for a website and spent a lot of time creating Content and uploading it. So why waste that and spend more money to generate Leads. Make more of the people Visiting your Website through Live Chat Service UK as a source of leads that you know has come to the site by typing in a search for something they are interested in or want to buy.

Browsers can make good customers, as long as you can convert them. So engaging with visitors to your website quickly and effectively, can ensure that we find out as much as possible about what they are looking for a can quickly sort out the “tyre kickers” from those ready to purchase and start the process of getting them to buy something, make a donation or just download a specific item that you want them to have.

It may be that your product is more complex and has a longer sales process, including trial and pilot stages. But the journey has to start with the first step.

So if your Website responds to their needs quickly and effectively, then their first impressions are positive and the first step towards the trust needed for a major purchase has been achieved.

Complaint Handler

“Is there a problem I can help with?”

When someone is unhappy they want you to know it and now. But sometimes it’s best for someone else to take the heat first.

A complaint can stressful for the customer. But it can be even more stressful for you.

No one wants to deliver and products or service, but sadly it can sometime happen.

Sometimes it’s your fault and sometimes it isn’t. People can have unrealistic expectations of that they expect to get for the amount of money they’ve paid or the time they’ve invested in your organisation

And then they want it pout right immediately, or at least for someone to listen to them immediately and agree to do something about it.

It’s important to respond quickly, but sometimes that initial conversation can be quiet “difficult” and eve confrontational, making it hard to engage in a more positive conversation later on

Using Rapid Live Chat Operators UK means that if something goes wrong when you aren’t available, we can handle the first response and make the customer feel you are not only interested din their issue, but quick to respond to it.

And we can take the initial heat, ensuring that when you speak to them to resolve it you have had time to look into it and work out how you want to handle the issues raised rather than having to respond off the cuff and under pressure and that you can start with a positive approach to the customer, rather than having had a negative conversation from which you need to build back their trust

Website Optimiser

“Can you make my website work harder?”

Sometimes you just need more Visitors to your Business website first of all.

Live Chat Solution service, but for it to work you need Website Visitors! Sounds obvious doesn’t it, but often it’s just not that easy.

As a busy business owner, when do you find the time to “sort out the website”? It’s often complex and technical to do yourself or it’s expensive to get Someone else to do it if you don’t know what you are doing.

Rapid Business Solutions is the parent of Rapid Live Chat and We are a full service IT solutions and website development company in UK.

We can upgrade your website and make it “Search Engine Friendly”. That’s Technic speak for making sure that if someone types a search into Google that is relevant for your business, we make sure that within 6 months at least one of your website pages is on the first page of the search results and probably near the top.

We do this for many Clients already and guarantee  to get you at least one page of your website onto the first page of Google for the defined search terms we agree with you.

Once you are generating sufficient Visitors to your Website, then we can put Live Chat to work, converting them to leads and sales.

And if you don’t have a Website, don’t worry. We can build you as simple or as complex a website as you want.

And We use state of the art tools such as WordPress (that‘s what this site is built in), to make sure that Google sees you and includes you in its searches.